Show all local variables in HUD

Julien Roncaglia 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 4
A nice HUD feature would be a mode where local variables values would appear over their name in the variable declaration (Current value, not value at declaration time).
As it's currently the case for method parameters.

Maybe not as a permanent thing but as a mode that could be toggled and would be suggested when you attempt to pin a local variable.

It would be a HUD-enhanced version of the "Locals" window for visual studio.
Under review
Thank you very much for this suggestion! We like this idea a lot and indeed plan to have a toggle-able "Extended HUD" mode in a future update.
Hi Julien and thanks again for your feedback! We have implemented this in a new feature called Magic Glance. It works a bit differently than what you specified - it will actually show you the historical value of every local variable (the value it had at the time it was defined), but you can also see the value it received during any assignments later on in the method. I'd love to hear your feedback on whether this approach is convenient for you, or if you'd still prefer to have a HUD mode where the local values are displayed differently.

While Magic Glance display works when stepping through a method from the start (Even if finding the last assignment is sometimes a little bit involved), it doesn't work at all when breaking in the middle of it.
In this case even Magic Glance doesn't display anything else than method arguments.

I still think that having a version of the "Locals" that is placed near or in the code would be of great value, especially as each value could be extended to see it's content/properties (As the Locals window or OzCode while hovering)
What I fail to see is how it would be possible to have it and keep it readable especially when Magic Glance is enabled. That's quite a lot of information displayed.