Under review
Wiktor Jagusiak 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Requests for platform support • updated by Lior Kerner 1 year ago 1

There is no way to edit post, so I'm creating the new one regarding to this:
Now I'm sure it's a OzCode bug. Because when I disable whole OzCode problem solved.

This functionality is missing when OzCode is enabled. Access to the pinned variable, when debugger id disabled. (It's called DataTips and it's symbolized as a pin icon on the breakpoints bar). I think the whole DataTips feature is useless with OzCode in ex. there is no way to export DataTips (Debug->Export DataTips) because OzCode use "own" way to store debug variables.

Under review

Thanks for the update on this issue Wiktor, we'll work on adding support for this in a future revision of OzCode.