Absolutely, OzCode works seamlessly with Resharper!

In fact, our team uses both simultaneously all the time while developing OzCode :)

Yes, you can use your personal license for projects at work.

Yes, the OzCode license is per developer, so you are free to install and use OzCode on multiple devices.

Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017 (including Community editions).

Express editions are not supported.

At the moment OzCode only works with C#.

We plan to add support for more languages in the future.

OzCode currently only supports C#, and does not work with VB.NET.

We plan to expand OzCode's capabilities to other languages in the future, and if VB.NET support is something you'd like to see, you can up-vote this request here:


All of OzCode’s major features can be disabled independently by navigating to OzCode’s Menu -> Options

Yes, you can find a demo project at %AppData%\CodeValue Ltd\OzCode\OzCodeDemo.sln


We offer active students in Academic institutions licenses at only 25$.

Visit the following url to apply: http://www.oz-code.com/Purchase/Academic

There is currently an issue with Visual Studio 2015 that prevents our Foresee feature from working.

We are currently working with the team at Microsoft to resolve this issue.

You can get our End User License Agreement here:


You can remove OzCode by going to Control Panel Uninstall a Program and then choosing OzCode from the list.