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OzCode installed but not doing anything

mwiemer 2 years ago • updated by Omer Raviv (CTO) 2 years ago 1

I recently installed the 30-day trial of OzCode (, and I can see the menu and toolbar, but when I debug, I can't find any of the features touted on the front page.

In particular, my object inspection window hasn't changed from the VS default. As a result, I can't right click on the OzCode specific dialog window (because it's not showing up) - leaving me without the ability to do anything I think? I'd like to be able to follow this tutorial

But the magic wand never shows up for me :(

Is there something I missed when it comes to setting up OzCode debugging? I've used the VS "Attach to Process" and OzCodes "Quick Attach", as well as restarted my machine. No difference in behavior

Under review

Hi there! Do you happen to be trying to debug a non-C# project? What type of project exactly are you debugging?

Also, could you please send us the latest logs from %TEMP%\OzCode\Logs to support@oz-code.com? That will really help us get to the bottom of this quickly. Thank you!